Our residential & commercial window cleaning services in Kansas City will give your onlookers something to awe. Top Cleaning KC offers a wide variety of residential and commercial window washing and gutter cleaning to ensure that your office building or house looks beautiful. Our trained experts provide a cleaning service that goes beyond all expectations. Whether you are a property manager, homeowner, or business owner needing your windows cleaned, our highly trained cleaning crews ensure complete satisfaction.

Our cleaning technicians are fully insured and bonded with general liability insurance and all of our crews are covered under workers compensation. Our window washers are extensively trained in both exterior window washing and interior window cleaning. We use environmentally friendly soaps and detergents and follow all OSHA and EPA guidelines to help keep our community and environment clean and safe for generations.

We have several teams of window cleaners that we can dispatch to any location in the Kansas City metropolitan area. For jobs outside of KC metro, a small mileage fee may be added to the total cost of the service provided. Trust us, it will be worth it.

Hiring A Professional Window Washer for Commercial or Residential Jobs in Kansas City, Missouri

When it comes to a commercial high-rise buildings and window washing, the answer here is pretty obvious. There isn’t a maintenance or janitorial professional in their right mind who would want to get outside and squeegee the office building’s windows to perfection. Then there’s also the time management aspect. Commercial window cleaning is a big job and takes a team of at least two people for safety reasons, especially in high rise buildings. Hiring a professional to clean the windows of a commercial building just makes fiscal sense.

As for a residential property, if you don’t have too many windows and have access to a secure ladder, than doing it yourself might be a pretty good option. All you need is some eco-friendly window washing solution (usually made with vinegar), a hose, a ladder, a bucket, and a squeegee. Combine that with a little elbow grease and time, and you’re good to go. Hiring a residential window washer is the same as hiring someone to do your yard work. Sure, you could do it yourself, but wouldn’t you rather just pay to have it done?

Kansas City winters can be pretty harsh. Sure, you might want to get out there and put some time in to beautify the exterior of your home and scrub it yourself in the summer, but are you really going to want to do that during our winter months?

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Lets face it… Window cleaning isn’t rocket science. With the right amount of time, training, and equipment anyone can wash windows. So, beyond delivering a quality service, we focus on our customer’s experience. From our easy, free estimate to our digital invoicing, its obvious why we chose the name Top Cleaning KC. For jobs outside of the KC area, visit our Overland Park window cleaning service page. Experience the difference today. Schedule your Free Estimate with one of our Kansas City window cleaners today!

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