Having a fresh window wash usually provides a fulfilling and satisfying feeling. A clean window during the summer is able to maximize sunlight that enters your home. This is especially during the summer. The curb appeal is also boosted through window washing. Even though there are lots of pros that come with window washing, brand new shiny windows at your home may come with the tragic thumping sounds of birds. This can be traumatizing for both you and the birds. This traumatizing experience is also experienced by your sparkling windows. Luckily, we can now comprehend why birds fly into windows. We now also know how to prevent this from happening thanks to modern science.

Why Do Birds Smash Into Windows?

Generally, an optical illusion is created by reflections thereby eliminating the window from the vision of the bird. Birds may end up treating your windows as vegetation during the daytime. Frequent window washing can increase this problem. This is because of the reflection of plants on your windows. Indoor plants that are close to the window ledge may also be seen by birds thereby disregarding the window.

The reflection of birds may also be observed in windows. Perceiving this reflection as a threat, they may end up attacking it. This is not life-threatening to the wellbeing of a bird. It, however, is not ideal for your new shiny windows.

3 Methods Of Safeguarding Your Windows

1. Decals
Placing decals is one of the easy ways of preventing birds from colliding into your windows. They need to be placed on the outside. This is fun, especially during the holidays. Place cartoon flower decals during summer on your windows. You should space them one foot apart from each other. This ensures that there is plenty of light within your home while reducing window reflection.

2. Zen Curtains
Birds can easily be saved by Acopian BirdSavers. These string curtains work while still being aesthetically pleasing. Purchasing a custom set that can fit your windows will offer an unusually interesting way for the repulsion of birds.

3. One-Way Transparent Film
Such products have the ability to let you see out of your windows while restricting those who are outside your house from seeing what is in. Products such as CollidEscape are able to achieve this. They display patterns for those who are out outside your home. These films can significantly help you manage your cooling costs while still appreciating your windows from within.

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