Before the carpet cleaning professionals come to your home or office, its important to get a few things done so they can get right to work. After all, their job is to deep clean and scrub your carpeting and not waste time picking things up off the floor in order to do that, right? Of course. Time is money and you want your money to go where the service is provided. Do the following things before the carpet cleaning crew arrives to ensure that the job gets done promptly and right the first time.

  1. Move any furniture (tables, chairs, etc.) to make the room(s) easily available to clean. Some companies may charge you a moving fee if they have to physically move these things, so its just easier if you can do it before they get there. Usually carpet cleaners aren’t going to scrub wall to wall. They’re mainly going to get in deep on the high traffic areas. So at the very least, make sure those areas are clear.
  2. Remove fragile objects from shelves and dust while you’re at it. Dusting beforehand will make sure that you aren’t putting more dirt back on the carpet after it has been cleaned. Removing objects will help them from being broken accidentally as the steam cleaning hose can sometimes have a mind of its own.
  3. Vacuum your entire home/office. Getting up the surface dirt, pet hair, dust, etc. is key to having a pristine carpet as a final result. The less surface dirt the carpet cleaning machines have to go through, the faster and better result you’re going to get.
  4. Be sure that the carpet cleaning technician can park in a close proximity to your home/apartment unit/office building. Professional carpet cleaning is best done with a van that has a special wet/dry vac system installed. The van needs to be close enough to the unit so the hose will be long enough. If you have concerns over the length of the hose, be sure to discuss this potential obstacle with the carpet cleaners beforehand.
  5. If possible, make sure that all small children and pets are free from the area to be cleaned. It isn’t the biggest deal in the world if your dog escapes from one room and runs all over the floor that’s being cleaned. However, it does make continuing the work a little of a hassle. In order to ensure a prompt service, make sure the areas that are to have the carpets scrubbed are ‘off limits’ to kids and pets for the time being.
  6. Take before pictures. This serves two purposes. The first purpose is to show the carpet cleaning professional the problem areas that should be the primary focus. The second purpose is to remind yourself what it looked like beforehand, after the work has been completed. This covers you in the long run and makes sure that you and the carpet cleaner are on the same page.

By knowing what to do before carpet cleaning crews arrive at your front door, you’re going to save time and money. Preparation is key to clean carpeting.

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