Fingerprints on the glass or window. Oil from the skin transfers to many different materials. We hate them. You spend all day dusting, vacuuming and rearranging the furniture when it dons on you, you forgot the windows. Depending on how many windows the home has can be more than a chore. Smudged fingerprints line the outer windows,taking away the beauty of all your hard work . School children leaving trails of prints on the sliding glass, people leaning outside of the window doing yard work and our mail carriers touch the door handles, may tap the windows to get attention. Oil from the skin can be very difficult to remove it. Whether it is one or more windows, this hack makes cleaning fingerprints off the glass or windows. It so safe to be used daily or weekly.

How to Remove Fingerprints

You need your arsenal to get the job done. Grab a glass cleaner, cotton cloth, dusting cloth, tarp, a hand squeegee,a tall or telescoping squeegee for taller windows and an old newspaper (black and white). Let’s not for get your uniform. Just like a professional window cleaning crew would use a jumpsuit, you may want to do the same – or at least wear older clothes. They’re going to get wet, expect moisture.

Glass Cleaner

Not a fan of commercial cleansers? No problem. A small amount of dish washing soap and at least 1 gallon of water for large tasks. This will be pretty soapy. Remember dish soap was made to cut through grease and various oils and a little goes a long way.

Washing the Windows or Glass

Spray the cloth with cleaner or soak the cloth with soapy water. Apply liberal amounts in the tougher areas as needed. Make sure to scrub and dry them thoroughly.

Rinse that Cloth

Ringing out the excess water is needed. Wipe the excess soap off the windows. Ring it and repeat if it is necessary. FYI, hot water will dry up quicker than cold or warm water.

Windows Screened and Pane in Doors.

Well they are going to be just as filthy and loaded with fingerprints too. Most dish washing liquid and water will clean the brass or bronze fixtures quite easily. Panes set in doors will gather dust, fingerprints and bug feces and will require upkeep as well. Height issues can be dealt with with a three to six step-ladder. Dust the window screens first, cutting down on repeat cleaning by swiping
the dust off so you don’t end up with muddy streaks.

Water Repellent

With products like Rain-X or Nasiol, this treatment keeps particulates like dirt, sand, silt from building it up and excess water will bead off the panes. Clean and dry windows prior as this coating will fill in microscopic holes in the glass. The repellent can take 10 to 20 minutes to dry, then with a lint free cloth to buff the area. These repellents come in sprays, creams and pastes. If you prefer a homemade version, you need a cup of rubbing alcohol and a cup of water. Use in a spray bottle to coat the windows and dry later.

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