You probably want to move to Overland Park, Kansas but have insufficient details regarding this city. This post will discuss important details touching on the best places to reside as well as fun activities to carry out while in this town.

I relocated to Overland Park after living in Arizona, so, one of the major differences that I noticed was the state of the weather and the landscape. In Arizona, there was plenty of trees that used to flower during the summer period while in Overland Park there was plenty of grass. It was a beautiful and alluring place. However, people with allergies such as my sister may have failed to see the beauty of this place. You should be ready for all kinds of weather in Overland Park since temperatures range from the low 10s to the upper 90s.

If you are seeking to access a different form of education like me, you should first research and familiarize yourself with the local schools in the district where you will reside. Personally, I enjoyed undertaking my studies in the Blue Valley school district but this may have been because most upper -middle – class kids studied in my school.

In Overland Park, you will find many places to shop for goods and also eat. However, it goes without saying that some venues are posher than others. The Oak Park Mall opens to all people. To date, it is still the place where I most enjoy carrying out holiday shopping.

If we want to watch movies, we usually flock to the Old Palazzo 16 theater which is owned by B&B theaters. This theater has an Italian theme and it is classier, more stylish and cheaper than the many AMC theaters which can be found here.

To date, I wish I had known about the Deane Rose Children’s Farmstead while I was growing up. I thought it was just a petting zoo as I was growing up. Turn out it also has different nature trails as well as a fake mining town where kids can pan for gold and learn about life.

You are likely to find some areas of Overland park that are more expensive than others. However, most areas cost the same since this place is a suburban area. Since the city has been expanding towards the south, houses are more affordable towards the northern areas. In Overland Park, you will find residential neighborhoods with houses that are approximately the same size and price. As you get close to 75th street on the eastern side of the city, you will find houses that cost between $150k to $250k. If you move further south of the city especially past College boulevard, you will find houses that go for between $250k to $ 500k. As the city continues expanding outwards, you will find that the houses built are larger and more expensive than houses that were constructed in the past. There are two major school districts in Overland Park, the Shawnee Mission district and the Blue Valley district found in the south of the city. Both districts happen to be rated very highly. As such, property values are also very high. Next to Overland Park, there are areas that are very expensive but within the precincts of the city, costs are homogeneous with house prices falling within the range of $200k to $500k.

Compared to the KC Metro area and even the rest of the country, I would say that there are no bad parts of Overland Park. You will find areas that offer residence more convenience due to proximity to work areas, nightlife and shopping areas. There are also parts that are quiet and laid back. These areas are mostly away from the main streets. The areas that can be considered to be the worst parts of Overland Park happen to be very nice. There is a very low rate of crime in Overland Park. The crimes that happen rarely involve any form of violence.

The best and most ideal neighborhood for you will depend on your needs. For example, if you have young kids, you will probably be looking for an area where you can access an Elementary School. By researching a little, you can easily find a lot of areas that fit this bill.

If you have a vibrant nightlife, the ideal area is between 95th and 143rd between Nall and Metcalf.

If you are seeking to be close to where you work, the ideal place to reside will depend on your area of work. However, it is best to be close to Highway 69 or Interstate 35 as you will get to town very quickly. (This does not include Waldo/Brookside. It is never easy to get into town using this route.) Personally, I like being about 2 minutes from the nearest highway when I worked in the downtown areas of town.

Hopefully, this article has highlighted everything that you need to understand about moving to and residing in Overland Park, Kansas.

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