Overland Park Kansas is located within the Kansas City metropolitan area and is ranked 2nd in terms of population behind KC as well. Sprint is the largest employer, as the city is home to the company’s world headquarters, which you might want to check out while visiting. Here is your detailed guide on places of interest to visit when you travel to Overland Park KS.

How would you like to feed the baby goats at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead. If you are traveling with young kids, you know this top attraction would be a hit with them. You can find Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead at 13800 Switzer Road. Pony rides are also available, and you are going to see many different animals. Beautiful gardens, fishing and great food also await you.

The attractions that teach you about a city’s history are some of the best. What better way to enjoy your travels to various cities than to dive into historical information and artifacts? You can do just that if you visit the Johnson County Museum, located at 8788 Metcalf Avenue. This particular museum features exhibits and activities for both young and old to enjoy, making it another great place to take the kids on a family vacation to Overland Park KS.

Located at 5801 West 135th Street is The Museum at Prairie Fire. It is quite the sight to see from the outside. Take a look at pictures before you go, and plan to learn all kinds of information about history, science and the arts. Prepare to discover a couple of virtual reality activities that are main draws at the museum, too.

The Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens are a top attraction in the city as well. If you happen to have your dog with you on a visit to Overland Park, he or she is allowed into the gardens, leashed and well-mannered of course. You will find the OVerland Park and Botanical Gardens at 8909 West 179th Street. One of the main draws there is the Monet Garden, and people like to do some bird watching while there as well.

If you make a trip to the Overland Park Farmer’s Market, you’re going to find much more than fresh produce. How about some fresh honeys or balsamic vinegars? You can also catch some live music near the Clock Tower, and food trucks are on site as well. The farmer’s market is a big deal in Overland Park, Kansas. The market is located at 7950 Marty Street, and you will also find interesting retail shops nearby, too.

Oak Park Mall, Overland Park 9/11 Memorial and Indian Creek Greenway are three other main attractions to visit in the city. You can see that Overland Park KS is a very cultured place to explore. A family vacation there would mean a great deal of fun to be had. And if you use this guide as your source for things to do in Overland Park KS, you’re going to learn about the history of the area as well.

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