Most often, employers and business owners overlook the importance of office deep cleanings. However, one should bear in mind that they are as important as your home spring cleaning. Your employees spend a lot of time in the office – usually 9 hours, or even more! Since offices are considered to be shared spaces, we don’t want germs and other dust particles to be sitting on those spaces. Sure janitorial services do light cleaning, but with an office deep cleaning, you can minimize the spread of germs, preventing the spread of sicknesses and other diseases. Just like at home spring cleaning, this is irreplaceable with a regular home cleaning. The same thing works with regular office deep cleanings.

Office deep cleanings should be approached at a top-down system. When choosing a cleaning company, they should be able to start cleaning from the higher places then ends the work on the floor. For instance, the cleaning system would start from the ceiling, light fixtures, fans, etc. The next step would be dusting from the mid-level which includes wiping the walls, signs, wall arts, etc with a damp cloth.

The next part of office deep cleaning would cover the areas or surfaces that are often touched by employees. Using a disinfectant or a sanitizer is highly recommended. Tables, desks, furniture, hard surfaces should be done regularly. Make sure that the staff clears out their desk so that all areas will be covered. Don’t forget the window blinds – they should be washed too, just like how windows and doors should be cleaned as well. Devices or items that are often touched such as phones, computer keyboards, and mice should be cleaned with a sanitizer.

The top-down approach doesn’t just apply in offices, they should also be done in kitchens and office bathrooms as well. Remember, hire a cleaning company or janitorial service that has the best and well-trained staff equipped with proper knowledge and extensive experience in terms of preventing cross-contamination during the cleaning process. They should also be familiar with how to properly handle cleaning supplies. For the kitchenettes, a disinfectant that’s safe for food preparation must be used.

As soon as the mid-level cleaning is complete, the floors would be the last part. Floors must be dusted and mopped, and carpets needed to be cleaned by carpet cleaning professionals either through steam extraction or via other methods that are approved in the industry.

Office Deep Cleanings – How Often Should They Be Done?

Should it be done monthly, every quarter, once a year? Most office cleaners and janitorial service contracts will be established based on your preference. The answer mostly depends on your office – and it should be deep cleaned as often as your office requires it to be deep cleaned! To help you understand how often you’d need your office to undergo deep cleaning, here are a few things to take into consideration:

Foot Traffic – How many people go in and out of your office? The more people and employees there are, the more office deep cleanings are required.

Business Type – What kind of business are you running? Do you have other visitors other than your employees? Are you running a medical office where a rotation of sick patients is present? Again, you’d require more deep cleanings if the business you’re running is the latter.

Seasons – During the winter and another cold/flu seasons require further deep cleaning in your office. During the winter seasons, you’d also notice that floors would become muddy, wet and moist – thus makes a perfect breeding ground for germs.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, how often deep cleaning must be done highly depends on the type of office and the foot traffic your business has. Just to give you an idea, medical offices and high-foot traffic offices perform a deep-cleaning monthly. You would want to consult a professional cleaning company for advice as they’re the ones that could help you determine how often office deep cleanings must be done in a year.

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