We have so many different was to clean our windows. Acknowledge the various tools you can use and the types of cleaning ingredients you will elect. We have all made mistakes and these are a list of many to avoid when cleaning your windows so the best results every time, all the time.

Top Window Cleaning Mistakes (Don’t Do These)

The Wrong Stuff

Make sure the sponge you use is soft with no abrasive surface so you cannot leave scratches on the glass. Avoid scouring pads and steel brushes as well.

The Wrong Cleaner

Not every cleaner is its opposition’s equal. Give a few minutes to read up on the label to make sure the ingredients are great for the surface you are cleaning.

Too Much Cleaner

What’s the old saying? A little goes a long way. Too much cleaner creates its own layer of build up on a window or glass surface.

Sunny Day Cleaning

Avoid the sunny day cleaning. The heat of the sun can dry the solution too fast before you can dry it with a cloth or squeegee and will give you unwanted streaks. A cloudy dry day is the order of the work day. If you observe any of our crews doing window cleaning in Overland Park, you’ll notice that they often perform this duty during cloudy days. Take note.

Not Using Distilled Water

Distilled water contains no minerals and wouldn’t leave deposits to streak your windows. This is key to a better shine and clean.

Paper Towels to Dry

DO NOT use paper towels. Great for absorbing spills and messes but will leave lint behind on glass and glass surfaces. Newspaper (black and white print, not colored), coffee filters and microfiber towels are much better. Squeegees are ideal as well.

Power Washing

Normally you want to get a job done quick and little effort. DO NOT use a tight focused, high pressured spray around the putty or frames as it can chip, warp or loosen the windows. A wide, low pressure spray is the order of the day allowing the removal of bird and bug droppings easily.

Hard Water

As previously stated, avoid tap water as it will give off streaks to the windows or glass surfaces. Hard water spots is mineral deposits that can scratch windows and can create build up and allow mold to happen.

Scraping Windows

Sometimes a soapy wash isn’t enough to clean the hardened dirt. You need a steady hand and apply the right amount of pressure. Do your level best to not scratch the glass. Avoid using razor blades as well.

Washing in sections

Not washing in sections can mean a soapy deposit content before you have even finished rinsing it. Having to go back to clean it again is a huge waste of time. Better to soap, rinse and dry a section at a time.

Overstretching on High Windows

The biggest cleaning mistake is making this job more difficult to clean high windows. You will need a stable ladder and not overextend yourself. Apply ladder pads so to avoid scratching the surface.

Pay Attention

Not paying attention can cause you no end of struggle. You just cleaned the window and it looks sparkling clean. Stepping back to see the window in another viewpoint. Streaks and smudges across the glass appears. Make it a habit to view the glass from different angles.

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