Window screens serve as a barrier to keep insects from flying into your home when you open the windows to let fresh air in. Window screens are most effective at keeping flies that are always buzzing around the trash outside from entering your kitchen as well as a wide range of potential pests that use your windows as a doorway into your house. Window screens are important, really important at keeping pests out but that is not the only reason why you should ensure that they are properly maintained at all times. Here are a few more to consider:

Curb Appeal

One of the first things a real estate agent will suggest to a homeowner when selling a home is to have all the screens replaced! They do this because they know that dirty or damaged screens create a bad impression that could get potential buyers to question, “If they don’t take care of their screens what else have they neglected in the house?” Screens are highly visible and one of the first things people encounter on entering your home. Clean screens in good repair will make a good impression on anyone who visits and well-kept, sparkling clean screens can add to the overall appeal of your home.

Dirt Splash

In addition to enhancing the curb appeal of your home, when screens are in good condition they can help keep the exterior window panes of your home cleaner for longer by preventing dirt from splashing onto the window glass. If that does happen and you’re in the KC area, refer to our window cleaning in Kansas City service page. A clean window screen will catch any dirt before rain splatters and drizzles down your window panes.

Heat Loss

While most of the heat reduction in your window panes are achieved by the coating on the glass, argon or krypton gas between the layers of glass, and the insulation in the window frames that help reduce heat transfer, well-maintained window screens can also assist in reducing heat transfer. Screens are also effective at keeping pests out that like to chew holes in window frames. Nothing will let the heat out of a room faster than a rodent hole in the frame or wood damage caused by carpenter ants.

Water Damage

Properly maintained screens will help to deflect rainwater from window panes. Windows don’t do well when water continues to pool up and moisture from excess water can cause mold to grow on the panes as well as the screens themselves. Good, clean screens are able to resist water and prevent mold from occurring.

When it comes to keeping your home safe and secure, an ounce of screen maintenance will go a long way – so stay vigilant and keep those screens clean and in good working order.

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