Carpets are a common flooring choice for a number of households. They are comfortable and soft underfoot, and also add a feeling of warmth when it comes to your home. However, they do require maintenance and upkeep, and making sure your carpets stay clean is one of the best ways to ensure they last for as long as possible. Below are a few useful tips to assist you in keeping the carpets clean in your home.

Regular Vacuuming

You should be vacuuming your carpets once to twice weekly. If your home is very busy with small children and pets, you might need to vacuum even more regularly to make sure your carpets stay clean and hygienic. Vacuuming is one of the best ways to rid your carpets of pet hair, dust, dirt, and any other types of unwanted particles. When you do this task on a regular schedule, you lower the chances of grime accumulating in your carpets, which makes your job far easier.

Another easy method to clean your carpets is to use a cleaning powder made for carpets. You sprinkle the product over your carpets, leave it overnight so it can absorb the dirt and smells, and then vacuum it up when you wake up the next morning. This isn’t a replacement when it comes to professional rug and carpet cleaning, but is an excellent method to maintain a level of cleanliness between each wash. It also helps to keep your carpets smelling fresh.

How Often Should You Be Washing Your Carpets?

Washing your carpets helps to go a lot deeper into the carpets to remove all the grime and dirt that your vacuum cleaner is unable to pick up. You should have your carpets deep cleaned at least every 12 months. If you have carpets that quickly pick up dirt or they are a light color, you may want to think about a professional clean every 3 to 4 months.

Professional Cleaning Versus Store Bought Carpet Cleaners

Many homeowners struggle with the choice of hiring or buying a carpet cleaner or choosing to use a professional carpet cleaning company. The costs involved to hire professional cleaning companies don’t come cheap. However, none of the store-bought machines or detergents will be able to clean your carpets as the professionals do.

If your carpet is exposed to constant foot traffic or you have pets that live inside, you may want to think about buying a carpet-cleaner for any touch-ups between your professional cleans. You can use this machine once a month, or when needed. Yet it is still highly recommended to use a professional carpet cleaning service at least every 12 months to make sure your carpets are thoroughly clean.

Tips On How To Remove Stains

In between having your carpets cleaned, it is also important that you know the right way to handle stains, unfortunate accidents, and spills. The most important step is to avoid rubbing at any stain. This will only push the stain further into the carpets, which can make it impossible to remove or clean. For any stain, blot the area gently moving from the outer part of the stain to the center.

Club soda and vinegar is a good combination which works well on wine and beer stains. Spray this mixture over the stain and let it stand for 20 minutes. Then blot the stain with a paper towel making sure you soak up as much moisture as possible. You may need to blot the spill using warm water in order to remove the soda and vinegar.

Another common stain remover includes shaving cream or foam. Apply the foam and leave it for 30 minutes. Remove the shaving foam, and then spray the stain with vinegar, before you blot the area. This is a useful method for just about any type of stain.

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