Ever since I head the story of Dorothy from the Wizard Of OZ, I’ve always wanted to visit Kansas. Well, I couldn’t tap my heels twice and appear there so we planned for a trip with my fiance and it was an amazing adventure. If you are looking to visit Kansas City Missouri with family or friends, here are a few things we did that will make your trip interesting.

The Negro Leagues Baseball Museums

As Americans, we know that our civil rights are still not being respected as much as we would like. Therefore, I love going to places that remind me how far we have come. The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is one of those places. It’s a great place to learn about the several baseball players of African-American origin and how their games made an impact in the civil rights process. It felt great to be there with a lot of memorabilia of some of the greatest African-American baseball players in History.

The Money Museum Kansas City

We also visited the Money Museum in Kansas city and it felt amazing to be in the presence of all that money. Here, we got to see real gold bars and actually lifted it. Wow, that thing is really heavy! I have never imagined I would ever see $40 million dollars and I got to see it this day. The $40 million dollar wall is stacked up so you can see how much money that actually is. Even better, I actually know what I will do and where to store my money if I ever become a billionaire.

Also, I learned how to spot counterfeit money. No one can take away my money without knowing what to check first. It was a great lesson, especially because I am scared of being conned with fake money. It was also a great place to learn how to budget, save and choose the right bank. It was a thrill going here and I would recommend it for anyone who is a huge fan of money.

The Thomas Hart Benton Home And Studio State Historic Site

I am a huge lover of art and Thomas Hart Benton is one of the favorites. He was a renowned sculptor, painter, writer and lecturer. His masterpieces always get to me. That’s why I had to visit his preserved home and studio. Here, you can see the various masterpieces that he did in his life. It’s a glimpse into the life of this amazing man.

Even better, I got to see the numerous paints, paintbrushes and canvases that he already stretched out looking to work on them. He was an amazing artist, one of the greats and being in his home, where he worked and lived, was a great way to remember him.

Being in Kansas City with my fiance was a great adventure. We saw everything we both loved and appreciated. It was great being in these amazing places and many more. It’s definitely a place I would go back!

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