Last month I happened to find myself in Kansas City, Missouri. I decided to do some sightseeing. I decided that my trip had to be both enlightening and fun, first destination I decided to visit was the World War I museum. It is the only museum in the whole United States dedicated to World War I. I arrived at the museum at around 11 in the morning, the museum has a wide range of artifacts and photos about World War I. The architecture to start off with is just awesome, it is wonderful and it has been preserved to resemble Egyptian architecture while on the inside it looks like an underground bunker buried into the side of the hill. There were a lot of tour options but I decided to wander off on my own, it’s just a habit I like doing.

There is an array of artifacts in the museum, all the guns, ammunition and vehicles that were used in the war. I loved watching the films, they give such a detailed description on the progress of the war. They are extremely informative and I loved my visit there, the place is filled with a lot of information it’s about to take in, not to mention the architecture, I loved the architecture because it’s brilliant and breathtaking.

By the time is was done wandering off in the museum, I had gathered kind of an appetite. Rumor had it that there barbecue is to die for. I decided to sample some of the barbecue and I found myself at Smokehouse Barbecue. First thing you notice when you reach there is the red sign, it gets your attention right away. It’s built like an ancient brick castle. Interior is chilled with some bright but yet dim lights creating a calm ambiance.

The glass ornament on the roof adds to the aesthetics. I had some short end pork ribs and I must say I was impressed, I could feel all the flavors from the grilling all the way to the marination. I had an amazing experience inside the Smokehouse Barbecue.

Being an art fan, visiting the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, I arrived at the museum at around 2.30. First thing I noticed about this Kansas City museum was it its very clean and well maintained, I did see some bunnies and I thought that is an unusual sight but I was amused by it. The place is great for a picnic. The art is breathtaking and motivating, I loved the badminton shuttlecocks. The fountain space is very scenic and rather quiet. There are some Asian monuments too. The building looks like an ancient royal castle and the views are magnificent.

I still have a thrill for amusement parks, I decided to have some fun in Worlds of fun. They have thrill rides, roller coasters, live entertainment and a kid’s area. I got to ride two roller-coasters as there were rather long lines. But I had fun when it was my turn in the roller-coaster. The staff were friendly and the equipment there is sturdy and safe.

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