Professional window cleaning teams have a tough and demanding job. I know we think we don’t always have to go to them and we are always looking for a good one. If you plan to give it a shot yourself, these few tips might just help you do the job yourself and just as good.

Don’t Skimp on the Squeegee

DO NOT buy a cheap squeegee. Now plenty of folks think a rag wiping off the water is good enough, but as professional window cleaning crews will tell you, this can just pool up water on the floor or ground. Apply the squeegee on the glass not too hard, nice and even. Swipe it from left to right in a smooth motion. To avoid a mess by wiping off the blade between swipes. Getting rid of the excess moisture off plus the dirt. Now some windows are harder to clean than others. This can be due to bird droppings, hard water and bug feces you will need a nylon scrubber and a light cleanser like Soft Scrub or Bon Ami does the trick. Try a test area first to make certain it doesn’t scratch the glass.

Window Cleaning Like a Pro or Hiring One

Window cleaning takes a lot of quick thinking and loads of stamina. You need to commit to that first and the rest falls in line. Our Overland Park window cleaning technicians have this locked down and so should you. A fair amount of cardiovascular workout will make sure you don’t tire down in no time. It might be worth it to hire a professional.

Power Washing

Pressure washing is ranged from commercial, industrial and residential. You want to make certain you have the right washer for you. This process can remove dirt, mud and mold. This process might be ideal when you have more than just the windows to clean. This is ideal for washing your house, windows, cleans aluminum siding and rust. This also means less time on a ladder or scaling up around your property. That being said, the putty from window frames can weaken if this process is used too often. Low pressure and a wide spray is the order of the day, as a focused narrow spray could do more damage to the windows.

Drying the Windows

Now we got the windows clean we need an effective way to dry it. Let’s work smarter rather than harder. Microfiber cloths remove lint and dust left behind by other cloths.

Use a squeegee to draw away the excess moisture and a clean cloth to wipe the blade between swipes. Keep the squeegee out of direct sunlight so the blade doesn’t warp or crack.

A standard black and white newspaper can be placed on the wet window, and wipe it like you would with a paper towel. It will absorb the moisture in no time at all. DO NOT use any print with color as it will transfer to the window directly Newspaper also leaves no lint behind like a paper towel would. No newspaper handy? Use a coffee filter as they work just like the newspaper and no lint.

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