We need windows. The average working stiff spends 8 hours a day, stuck in a office or cubicle and most of us do not get direct sunlight. The bottom line is folks without windows live a pretty miserable life. Making dirty windows maddening. Windows bringing in light but how can anyone feel some bit of happiness if your windows are streaked with fingerprints, dirt or bird droppings. Further studies are proof that filthy windows are the leading contribution to air pollution. Cleaning windows not only vital for your own interests or commercial office building, but you are improving your world and community.

We all know that washing windows is back breaking work. You can end up spending energy and still not get it cleaned thoroughly. Many of us are concerned we won’t get the job done anywhere near as effective as a professional. Nothing worse than spending the day busting your tail and the work gets undone if it gets dirty the next day. All that hard work completely wasted.

Imagine having to deal with a multi-story commercial building and the various windows per floor. The benefits to a professional handling that, well the results speak for themselves, don’t that? Naturally hiring commercial window cleaning services can be rewarding but so can doing the work for your home and business yourself. If you are planning on doing it, put yourself in a professional’s shoes and think about all you would need.

First thing, make sure the weather is on your side. A nice dry and cloudy day for cleaning. The cleanser you use will dry on the window but a hot day won’t dry properly and creates an whole new problem. You want the area clear of debris, dust off the window. Lay down a sheet or tarp for your floors or carpeting. Wipe off the dust around and in the window sill so you don’t mud build-up.

Talent and tools go hand in hand. You got a tough job ahead so get the right tools for the task. Squeegee about 10 to 12 inches, a large bucket some towels and some glass cleanser. Getting the right cleaner can be a hassle. Keep it in mind you are going to be spraying a lot, so getting the family sized bottle versus the economy size is just smart spending. With that frame of thinking, replacement rubber blades are just a smart purchase. A warped or chipped blade with cause streaks and really under-perform your work. Professionals will tell you they end up replacing blades at least once a day.

For further ideas on pros, their work and charges, look at Part 2.

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