Having a clean desk, whether at home or a commercial office building can be both inspiring and energizing. With a clean desk, you can easily focus on your work and surprisingly, it can help you get things done quickly! While we all want to keep our desks clean, sometimes, people can only maintain the cleanliness for a day or two – then it’ll return to its original, chaotic, cluttered state afterward. While some people are blessed to have large work desks, some make it work with a small one. Regardless if you have a small or a large desk, it doesn’t matter and there are ways that you can keep your desk clean, and keep it that way at all times.

7 Secrets To Keeping and Making Your Office Desk Clean At All Times!

Most commercial office cleaning crews will come in at the end of the night to wipe off surface areas and whatnot. They won’t, however, clean up your desk When cleaning and arranging your office desk, consider it to be your prime real estate. All the things that are sitting on your desk should be the only ones that deserve that space. Items that are being used daily should be the ones that are on top of your desk.

For your supplies, keep them close, but off your desk. Make use of drawers and pencil caddies to help you keep organized.

You’d want to make sure that things are within your arms reach, such as files and other resources. If you use an online directory, yet you still have a phone book in your office, get rid of the phone directory.

Think “up”. Most of us have a computer in our office. You may want to use a monitor stand as this levels the monitor to its proper ergonomic level, and at the same time, gives you enough, clean space. You may also want to install shelves on your desk if you have tons of binders, files, and other resources.

Keep things organized by creating a system. Help the commercial office cleaning crews by keeping your surface areas clean so that they can wipe them off at the end of the day. Make use of file jackets or any other organizational system to help you sort your papers. Don’t forget to label them so it’s easier to take files out and put them back in whenever needed. Store them upright – this way, you can avoid piles of paper and folders laying down on your desk causing chaos and clutter.

Get one of those In/Out paper trays. Papers, including mail, may require a temporary space until you have the time to decide on what you’d want to do with those. Stacked shelves usually come in 5 levels, or more – so you’d want to keep the bottom two shelves strictly for your incoming files. You don’t want to assign more so you can limit the number of stuff that you have, allowing you to give more attention to them as quickly as possible.

Remove distractions. Your co-workers may go over your desk to ask questions, submit files, ask for your signature and so on. On top of that, the phones are ringing, you have an entire page of e-mails to check and answer – and it’s just normal to feel that cleaning up your desk is the last thing that you’d be able to do during a workday. To prevent this from happening, make sure that you limit or completely remove your personal items on top of your desk. Also, the space under your desk should be taken into account – most people disregard this and often ends up with a lot of clutter.

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