Sometimes when you have a messy home, it can be difficult to even know where to start. It may seem like a ton of work that you just don’t want to even begin. Hopefully after reading this, you’ll realize that house cleaning isn’t that big of a chore and you can knock it out pretty simply. The trick here is to just get started cleaning.

In order to trick yourself into cleaning your house, you have to tell yourself that you’re just going to clean for five minutes. That’s it. Everyone can handle five minutes right. Either that, or pick a project that will only take five minutes or less. That could be cleaning up just the trash in the kitchen, cleaning off your bathroom counter top, vacuuming the living room, etc. Then, just start doing that.

Another trick to getting your household chores done is to make a deal with yourself in terms of a reward. For instance, if you normally just flop on the couch and turn on the television when you get home, and you keep putting off cleaning, then hold off on that instant gratification. Tell yourself that once you clean a specific area, then you can watch a show. Imagine how much more relaxed you’ll be while watching it since that dreaded house cleaning will already be done. Well, at least partially. Again, the trick here is to just get started. You can reward yourself after, or not. In many cases, you’ll find yourself in a different frame of mind and you’ll just keep cleaning. You’ll find yourself mopping floors, taking out trash, scrubbing the counter, and you’ll wonder why you just didn’t do this in the first place. Great news, right?

House Cleaning Basics

Now as for the specifics of how to clean your house, its actually pretty easy. Here’s what the staff of our house cleaning services does when they first start a job.

First, take a look at counters and tables. Pick a room and start in on just cleaning up the counter. Start by throwing away all of the trash. Put all dirty utensils, cookware, plates, etc. in the sink to wash later. You don’t want to wash every little thing as you come across it. After you’ve moved all dirty dishware to the sink and cleaned up the trash, it should be pretty easy to spot what else needs to go in the cupboards, drawers, and shelves. Put those things away and all that’s left to do is wipe down the entire area. Scrub where needed and make sure to use an eco-friendly cleaning solution, especially if this surface is used to prepare food.

The only thing that should be left to do is to clean any dishes/utensils and then sweep and mop the floor. I’m going to go into detail on how to scrub a floor since most of us already know how to do this common household chore. Once you get started, you’ll most likely keep going. Go ahead.

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