Dirty windows. We hate them. We don’t want to go out and clean them, spend the cash to get the products to work on them and/or hire professionals to deal with them. A chore that takes up a lot of time and effort. Thankfully we have plenty of DIY (Do It Yourself) guides. Home maintenance is a constant upkeep and we have instructional videos, helpful books and plenty of reviews and “how to” guides for such.

In the day and age we have used environment friendly homemade sprays and we all have been using white vinegar for so many of our cleaning. Rubbing alcohol and water is also a pretty common cleanser as well. This is better recommended for automobile windshields inside and out. If you have the extra funds, we always recommend using the services of professional window washers. However, if you’re trying to save money, then a homemade recipe will work wonders. How about another recipe for the need to keep toxins out of your house and helps you save money? While this compound might be a bit fancier than just straight vinegar but saves you time, effort and money. Just what you needed.

Mix the following window cleaning solution in a spray bottle:
1 Tbsp. Cornstarch
1/4 cup of white vinegar
1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol
2 cups water
8 drops of essential oil of your liking for smell (Lemon, orange, lavender, spearmint and so on)

Why Use a Homemade Window Washing Recipe?

Good for Your Environment

No one wants chemical smells in their house. Plenty of commercial cleansers can be very toxic or irritants to the skin and damage the environment. When you clean with such cleansers containing ammonia or bleach, you can effect your sinuses, trigger migraines or cause health issues to anyone pregnant. Better a well measured home remedy and avoid these potential landmines.

Saving Money

Now assuming you don’t have all these ingredients to start with, you will have to spend money, however this method with cost you maybe 33 cents for this 2.5 cups of glass cleaner. Reusable towels and cloths to aid cleaning further. Buying a commercial brand or even a environment friendly spray can range from 3-7 dollars. At least 2 to 4 dollars on new microfiber towels or another 2 dollars per paper towels. This is not only common sense but dollars and cents.


Paper towels will leave a residual of lint on the windows and does not provide a clean window. A microfiber cloth towel, newspaper (black and white print) or even paper coffee filter to dry the leftover waters to offer a better shine to your windows.

Quite a few window washer services and companies are just a phone call away. You can always call for an estimate for how many windows to tend to and the hours of work. A free quote is almost a given for any company worth its salt.

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