Window washing is almost a chore you want to hire out for. In some circumstances you will need to do the DIY cleaning route. Professional window washers are more than willing to give a few tricks of the trade to those willing to listen. Cleaning glass requires more than just some elbow grease and determination. Here are a few tips for that streak-free window experience.

Tools of the Window Washing Trade

  • The biggest need is the tools to aid and selecting something that leaves no lint behind.
  • Microfiber cloth removes the very lint left behind by other cloths.
  • A squeegee. A handle and plastic or rubber blade to clear away the cleaning solution.
  • Newspaper. Black and white print helps you to dry like a paper towel but not again no lint left
  • Coffee filter that have been unused works similar like a black and white print newspaper.

Get Hands-on with Window Cleaning

Use a cloth or a sponge to wet the window and wipe the whole window. After this, use the squeegee in one fluid motion from top to bottom. Wipe the blade with a damp cloth before moving to the next window. Just do it like you see the professional window washing crews do and you should be fine.

If you are using the coffee filter or newspaper, use a cleaning solution in a spray bottle and then wipe it off by going either horizontal or vertical strokes. Clean the windows on a cloudy day or the sun simply not shining on the window. The sun dries the solution before you can wipe it off and you are back to square one. Avoid any abrasives for windows as it will scratch the glass. Wet the glass or a damp cloth to remove any spots. Avoid paper towels. The lint left behind ruins the shine and leaves a film of the aforementioned lint.

Cleaning Solutions

Vinegar solutions. Whether put in a salad or rubbing the hallway, this substance is relatively cheap to buy and versatile. Being non-toxic, antibacterial and is completely safe for your skin, kids, pets and around plants.

Different mixes. You can elect to mix warm water and white vinegar and use in a spray bottle. A cup of rubbing alcohol and a tablespoon of vinegar allow for a prevention to glass streaking.

Soap and water. A mixture of Dawn dishwashing liquid, Jet dry and warm or cold water can offer the right amount of time to get the excess water off the windows and dries more evenly.

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