When you have too much clutter on the kitchen cabinets it can be quite overwhelming. Clutter has the ability to create noise in the kitchen, which makes it difficult to concentrate at the tasks at hand while also taking up valuable space. This is the week you are going to make a housekeeping goal to get rid of that clutter in between meals. It is absolutely amazing how something as simple as clean counters can help you not feel cluttered and disorganized.

Here are just a few housekeeping tips to get a clutter free counter:

– Fully clear off kitchen counters. It is best to simply remove everything from your counters and place it on either the dining room or kitchen table.

– Wipe off the counters with a good cleaning solution or warm soapy water. If you have granite countertops, the following cleaning solution will change the way you see clean encounters. This should be a staple daily housekeeping chore.

– Take a look at everything that was on your countertops, if it is something you do not use on a daily basis, it is best to put it into a cabinet or cupboard. In fact, take a few minutes to see if there is anything that can be donated or given away. Before you place all of the items back on the countertop, give some thought into the process. For example if you only use a blender or toaster once a week, and your counter space is limited, it may be best to place those somewhere else for the moment being. Believe it or not, clean countertops are a good thing! If you can’t find the energy to perform these tasks, take a look at professional housekeeping services. They’ll save you a lot of trouble in the long run!

– One placing the remaining items back onto the counter, consider creating zones as you place them. For example, if you’re placing baking goods such as sugar and flour onto the counter place them near measuring cups or a mixer. Similarly, place the coffeemaker by the coffee mugs, it helps to create a sense of balance and convenience.

Once you have fully cleared off the counter space, do everything to keep them clean throughout the week. After every meal, be sure to place everything back where it belongs and never piled dishes on the countertops, do what you can to get them washed as soon as possible. Likewise, do not store and stack mail and papers on the counters either. As you continue this housekeeping process throughout the week, you’ll see how easy it becomes and how much simpler life can be with clean kitchen counters!

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