People trying to save some money on carpet cleaning services might be inclined to use chemicals they’ve never heard of because they were promised that it would remove spots, get stains out, and dissolve dirt on contact. However, recent research has shown that these ‘quick fixes’ are filled with toxic chemicals. They can expose your family to toxic fumes, bacteria, and chemicals that can cause asthma attacks, nerve damage, hormone disruption, cancer, and many other serious medical conditions. Some of these toxic carpet cleaning agents include, chloride, perchloroethylene, propane, butane, and isobutane. In addition, some carpet cleaning solutions might even contain glycol ether and/or hydrofluoric acid.

These chemicals used in some carpet cleaning detergents can cause serious skin irritation and rashes. If breathed in, there is a high potential for serious bronchial problems. What is even more shocking is that by not removing old chemicals completely during previous cleanings, you run the risk of chemical interactions.

Some of the risks of typical household cleaners and carpet ‘spot removers’ include the following.

Household Cleaners that Generate Risks
Aggravated asthma (Ammonia)
Burned mucous membranes (Ammonia)
Anemia (Glycol ethers)
Kidney damage (Glycol ethers)
Lung damage (Glycol ethers)

Carpet cleaning companies who aren’t committed to eco-friendly products may use dangerous chemicals as well. These can include, but are not limited to butoxy ethanol, naphthalene (dissolves dirt), hydrofluoric acid and nitrilotriacetic acid (pH balancing agent), and perchloroethylene (a dry-cleaning agent).

When looking to hire professional carpet cleaners, it is very important that you find a service provider that has your health in mind. Yes, of course you want your carpeting to look great, but that shouldn’t be a a detriment to you or your family’s health. It is in your best interest to find a carpet cleaning company that uses safe chemicals on your rugs and carpeting. If you choose to go the DIY direction and clean your own carpets, check for online reviews of the cleaning agents you are planning on purchasing. Don’t just rely on the marketing message that’s on the carpet cleaning detergent or solution. Do some investigating on the chemicals in the cleaning solution before you buy. After all, its not just you we’re worried about. Small children, pets, and other family members will be on your carpet as well. Toddlers (and pets alike) are well known for putting things in their mouth that they shouldn’t. Its their way of discovering and interacting with their world. You really don’t want them doing that with toxic materials.

Bottom Line: Hire a carpet cleaning service that uses eco-friendly cleaning products, or when cleaning your carpets or rugs yourself, do some in-depth research to which cleaning solution is safe.

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