Kansas City is home to 2,143,651 residents in the metro area. We founded our cleaning company with those people in mind. While we may or may not think that scrubbing dirt out of carpets, wiping smudges off windows, or providing janitorial services to every office in a commercial building is our calling in life; we do believe that being a service to others is. Some people start up their own little cleaning business by bootstrapping cash and investing in cleaning machinery and doing the work themselves. That’s honorable. Heck, that’s how we started off way back in the day. However, most people never see beyond that. They continue to work IN their business and are never able to focus on running their business. They don’t hire more people, buy more machinery, hire a marketing staff… nothing. They just do the jobs that they can fit into their schedule.

Like I said, that’s honorable. However, to really provide a service to the people of Kansas City, we’ve brought in the brightest minds in the industry. We no longer do all of the work ourselves. We have expanded to other areas and locations to better serve you.

Regardless of the cleaning service we provide you, you’re going to be blown away by our attention to detail and the professionalism of our cleaning crews. In order to be employed at Top Cleaning KC, a person has to have an extraordinary work ethic. Sure, everyone here gets breaks and works standard shifts, but when its time to work, its time to work. You won’t find any one of our employees milking the clock when there’s work to be done.

Additionally, the cleaning services we provide are second-to-none thanks to the integrity of our staff. We do what we say we’re going to do, even if it takes extra effort. Our staff takes pride in crossing their T’s and dotting their I’s when filling out work orders, walking you through the invoice of the cleaning service they provided, and taking full responsibility if anything isn’t up to your expectations.

We believe that these two core principles of our workplace has helped us to become the best cleaning company in Kansas City, hands-down.

Fun Facts About Our Cleaning Staff:

The founder of our company frequently goes to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art to do ‘Yoga in the Park.’

Our administrator takes her family to the Kansas City Zoo once a month every summer.

One of our team leads volunteers his time at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum one weekend a month.

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