Here are more tips for removing stains from your carpet and rugs!

Pet’s Urine

There’s nothing more irritating than having one of your fur babies pee on your carpet. For this, mix equal parts of water and vinegar. Make sure that the area is soaking wet and let it sit there for about ten minutes. Once the vinegar and water mixture has penetrated your carpet, get a towel so that it’ll absorb all the moisture. Once done, sprinkle some baking soda and let it mix with the water and vinegar mixture for another ten minutes.

Get another spray bottle and mix equal dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. With this second solution, spray and saturate the area with baking soda and you’ll notice that it’ll start to bubble. Don’t worry – it’s normal and is part of a chemical reaction. Let it sit there for about five minutes then use a soft-bristled brush. Scrub softly just to blend the second mixture with the baking soda. Once your carpet has been deeply penetrated, you may then put the towel over the area. Let it dry and use a vacuum cleaner to remove the excess baking soda. Your stain and the funky smell should be gone by now.


Vomit can be quite tricky to remove, especially if the stain has been there for quite some time. Fresh vomit can be easily removed by sprinkling some cornstarch on it. The cornstarch can absorb the liquid and everything in it. However, if it’s already been dried out, use white vinegar. Whenever cleaning this area, always remember to use a blotting motion. Do not scrub and even apply extra pressure as it will just damage the carpet. Vinegar alone won’t get rid of the stain, but if you mix it with baking soda, it’ll create a chemical reaction where the stain will easily rise from the carpet so you can easily remove it.


Blood can be a bit tricky to deal with, even if it’s fresh. You can use a window cleaner – one that uses ammonia as the main ingredient. If you have ammonia, that’ll work too. Spray either the window cleaner or ammonia on the stain and gently rub. Reapply as often as needed until the blood stain has been saturated and let it sit for five minutes. After 5 minutes, take a rag and gently scrub. You’ll notice that the blood will easily come out.

When DIY And Home Remedies Do Not Seem To Work

Having a carpet at home makes every home look great, not to mention it adds warmth to your feet. For usual and everyday stains, some of these you can take care of yourself. However, if you’ve noticed that there’s a stubborn stain that none of these methods worked for you, call our Overland Park carpet cleaning service. We’ll give you a rough estimate right over the phone. Call today!

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