Here is an overview of the various carpet brands on the market today. Our carpet cleaning service works with the manufacturer’s warranty to extend the life of your rugs and carpeting.

Shaw Flooring is among the favorite brands we have on our short list. Some of the key features that make this brand that good, include their service support, availability, price, quality, and durability. The same quality is preserved through to their retailers, with customers assured of high quality. Floor Covering News, Floor Focus, and Floor Covering Weekly ranked Shaw Flooring number one in its category.

Shaw flooring is an incredibly innovative brand and has come up with excellent products such as the R2X STAIN RESISTANCE and LIFEGUARD. LIFEGUARD, for example, repels water and is moisture resistance as well, making it one of a kind waterproof carpet. This is unlike other carpet types that naturally absorb moisture. The R2X STAIN RESISTANCE, on the other hand, uses an excellent soil and stain repelling system. This product was produced after many years of research and testing. Although its competitors only protect the carpet surface from moisture, R2X has the entire fibers covered, thus complete protection.

SHAW FLOORING can be termed as the leaders when it comes to sustainability and innovativeness. The company releases a sustainability report every year and has a carpet recycling program as well.

MOHAWK is the leading carpet manufacturer in the country. Thanks to their CONTINUUM technology, the company has been able to shift to polyester fiber in carpet manufacture, which helped it earn its current position. The CONTINUUM technology has enabled the company to produce high-performance and even softer polyester fiber, which gives their carpets a deeper, richer look while offering superior durability.

Durability is one of the key selling points for MOHAWK INDUSTRIES. Families with little children and pets find it more appealing than its competition. The carpets feature an all-pet protection and forever clean in their warranty. The carpet comes with built-in lifetime stain protection as well.

DUPONT has its technology and engineering expertise to thank for its success. The company focuses more on scientific research innovation and environmental sustainability; factors that have helped it climb up the carpet manufacturer list.

With DUPONT SORONA, the company is able to manufacture beautiful, soft, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting carpets. You are also assured of improved stain resistance and comfort-ability with this product. DUPONT carpets can retain their texture, shape, and fiber uniformity years after installation.

STAINMASTER is the proud manufacturer of ACTIVE FAMILY, PETPROTECT, TRUSOFT, and ESSENTIALS carpet variants. Many homeowners consider these a fantastic choice for their flooring needs. Discussed below is an overview of the 4 best-selling products by STAINMASTER.

a. TRUSOFT: This variant is specifically designed for those that need to add a luxurious look and feel to their homes. This carpet is manufactured using expressly engineered fibers for extreme comfort and softness. TRUSOFT is highly durable and resistant to food, drink, and oil stains.

b. PETPROTECT: As the name suggests, this carpet is meant for individuals with pets in their homes. PETPROTECT is manufactured using specially engineered and solution-dyed fibers for improved odor and stain resistance. These fibers also do repel pet hairs, making it easy to remove pet hairs with a simple vacuum cleaner.

c. ACTIVE FAMILY: This is considered the best option for a house full of kids. ACTIVE FAMILY carpets are manufactured using high-quality and durable fiber materials that not only improve stain resistance but capable of taking on a beating comfortably.

d. ESSENTIALS: STAINMASTERS engineered this carpet for classic protection, and in particular for those working on a budget. It also makes an excellent choice for light traffic areas and guest rooms. Just because it is an affordable option doesn’t mean it’s deprived of premium features such as soil and stain resistance either.

When it comes to carpet design, then ATLAS CARPETING takes it all. This company provides a wide array of carpet patterns, textures, and designs; all meant to make your home/office more comfortable and stylish. Homeowners can also make custom-orders for their carpets from the company as well. The manufacturers add an extra special touch to its carpets, hence the reason why consumers love it.

Consumers are assured of superior performance upon investing on ATLAS carpets, with the manufacturers producing unique carpet tiles and broadloom carpets to quench consumer needs. ATLAS carpets have been manufactured with the environment in mind, hence perfectly safe for all.

ATLAS CARPETING has been providing the market with a broad range of carpets and carpet tiles for more than 40 years. This has enabled the company to serve consumers of all walks of life comfortably, hence the reason it has been awarded severally for the good work. Customers can express passion and individuality with their carpets, thanks to ATLAS CARPETING products.

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