Why Clean Your Windows: 4 Reasons

Cleaning windows is never really a fun task. You want it clean as much as anything in home upkeep. Here are 4 reasons for you to clean those windows. Better Exterior and Interior Appearance Perception [...]

Homemade Window Washing Recipe

Dirty windows. We hate them. We don't want to go out and clean them, spend the cash to get the products to work on them and/or hire professionals to deal with them. A chore that [...]

Window Cleaning Pitfalls

We have so many different was to clean our windows. Acknowledge the various tools you can use and the types of cleaning ingredients you will elect. We have all made mistakes and these are a [...]

DIY Window Washing Protocol

Window washing is almost a chore you want to hire out for. In some circumstances you will need to do the DIY cleaning route. Professional window washers are more than willing to give a few [...]

How to Clean Your Bedroom

Even though it seems like a simple task, housekeeping and especially tidying up your bedroom can have a surprisingly big impact on your life – especially when you are dealing with a lot of stress. [...]

Are Office Deep Cleanings Really Important?

Most often, employers and business owners overlook the importance of office deep cleanings. However, one should bear in mind that they are as important as your home spring cleaning. Your employees spend a lot of [...]

How to Clean Your Home Office

Working from home gives a person many benefits such as flexibility, performance, and a privilege not everyone enjoys. Just like any other part of your house, home offices should also be cleaned. Just like a [...]

How to Clean Your Living Room

Sometimes your home is not as dirty as it’s cluttered. Objects you do not use, know where to store, or need can quickly accumulate and take over your home. Even when cleaned, you might not [...]

How to Declutter Your Kitchen

When you have too much clutter on the kitchen cabinets it can be quite overwhelming. Clutter has the ability to create noise in the kitchen, which makes it difficult to concentrate at the tasks at [...]

The 5 Top Window Brands

1. Andersen Windows Known to be made of high-quality materials, The Andersen Windows are the top-rated window brand on the market today. One of the best things about Andersen windows is their levels of window [...]

Why Hire A Move Out Cleaning Service

Moving houses is one of the most stressful situations of all. There are so many things to do before you can leave your old residence behind, that there's no wonder most people feel overwhelmed. One [...]

How A Clean Office Can Help Your Business

Most business owners have lots of priorities. Unfortunately, the cleanliness of their building isn't among these priorities. This makes sense. When you're flooded with problems, tasks and essential business decisions, vacuuming the carpets or cleaning [...]

Professional Cleaning Companies: What To Expect

Hiring a professional house cleaning company is something that you should take quite seriously. While considering recommendations from friends and online reviews when you hire a cleaning company can provide some information, when you want [...]

An Overview Of Overland Park, Kansas

You probably want to move to Overland Park, Kansas but have insufficient details regarding this city. This post will discuss important details touching on the best places to reside as well as fun activities to [...]

A Day in Overland Park Kansas

I lived in Overland Park, Kansas for about three months when I moved back to the KC area from Atlanta, GA. I didn't have a place of my own lined up yet as I didn't [...]

What Do Housekeepers Do?

Maid and housekeeping services help keep your home or apartment tidy and clean. They generally do simple cleaning tasks, like making beds, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, dusting, vacuuming, mopping floors, and tidying up living areas. [...]

The History of Overland Park Kansas

It is always interesting to know a little bit of the background in any area that you may be visiting. This also includes understanding the history of the area where you live as well. If [...]

More Carpet and Rug Stain Removal Tips

Here are more tips for removing stains from your carpet and rugs! Pet's Urine There's nothing more irritating than having one of your fur babies pee on your carpet. For this, mix equal parts of [...]

Carpet and Rug Stain Removal Tips

There's no denying that the majority of homes have at least one carpet - it's a necessity, a part of aesthetics that make the entire home look more lively. Even if you insist that food [...]

Carpet Protector Applications

Replacing your carpeting can be an expensive proposition, so it's very important to take good care of it. One of the most efficient ways for you to take good care of your carpeting is to [...]

Kansas City’s Best Things to Do

Many people think that St Louis is the biggest city in Missouri, but that title goes to Kansas City. From great barbecue to the Royals, entertaining attractions, museums and more, KC has quite a lot [...]

How To Maintain Clean Carpets

Carpets are a common flooring choice for a number of households. They are comfortable and soft underfoot, and also add a feeling of warmth when it comes to your home. However, they do require maintenance [...]

A Brief History of Kansas City Missouri

Kansas City’s history is really a tale of two cities. Kansas City, Missouri was founded in 1853. And 20 years later, Kansas City, Kansas copied the name. Perhaps KCK wanted to capitalize on the growth [...]

Dangerous Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

People trying to save some money on carpet cleaning services might be inclined to use chemicals they've never heard of because they were promised that it would remove spots, get stains out, and dissolve dirt [...]

My Awesome Day In Kansas City

Last month I happened to find myself in Kansas City, Missouri. I decided to do some sightseeing. I decided that my trip had to be both enlightening and fun, first destination I decided to visit [...]