1. Andersen Windows

Known to be made of high-quality materials, The Andersen Windows are the top-rated window brand on the market today. One of the best things about Andersen windows is their levels of window quality that starts with the 100 series (the most affordable series), the 200 series (mid-level price range), and 400 series (the top quality and pricier beautiful architectural series). The company is flexible enough to a point where they offer custom window making services, that can feature advanced security features. Because their windows last longer than other brands on the market, they are in a position to offer all-inclusive warranties.

2. Pella Windows

Pella Windows are famed for being visually attractive as well as well designed. They are highly identified with their wood line, which includes a well detailed and customized series. Other designs include the adjustable and trendy Designer series, the basic but durable 450 series, the durable vinyl windows in either the 350, 250 or Encompass series and even a line of fiberglass windows. One of their most durable products is found in the Impervia series. The Pella windows are highly energy-efficient, and double or triple panes are available.

3. Milgard Windows

With four diverse window lines, Milgard Windows is a company known for its selection of affordable vinyl windows. For this reason, you have a variety of function and style you can choose from. This company offers highly impressive soundproofing windows that work wonders in noisier locations, which is available in their Quiet Line. When it comes to their aluminum windows, they are praised for having a simple modern look, that includes minimalist styling and thin frames.

Their wood-clad fiberglass window offers a more upscale look, designed to withstand heavy weather while maintaining a wooden window appearance. Professional window cleaning is often required to maintain the warranty on these brands. The Milgard Windows offer 4 main levels of quality as well as price. The product lines include the Montecito vinyl window, ultra-Fiberglass windows, Essence Wood Windows, and the Tuscany Vinyl Windows; arranged from the highest-priced to the lowest.

4. Simonton Windows

This is another leading manufacturers of windows, especially known for their vinyl window product lines. As such, if you are looking for vinyl windows, this is an excellent brand to look for. The company also have all common window styles as well as a selection of windows treated against infrared and UV light. This helps keep out unwanted heat and damaging rays.

5. Harvey Windows

Harvey windows is another popular company known for its wood and vinyl options. They develop top-quality double-hung and casement windows in wood and a wide range of vinyl types. Their top-rated vinyl window product line is the Vigilant Storm window series, which has been designed to withstand heavy storm known to occur in coastal regions. Another popular series from Harvey vinyl windows is the Acoustic series, which is known to hold up well against noise.

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